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About us

Diamantine is Morocco’s leading producer and retailer of ready-to-wear North African and Middle-Eastern fashions. Founded in 2003 the company now has over 130 retail outlets across France, Netherlands, Canada, Ivory Coast, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Lebanon and Morocco.

Part of the Soft Group, a family-run company, Diamantine is inspired by quality and heritage, managing all our production from one single facility in Morocco. From weaving the finest textiles to dying, printing and adding luxury embellishments, our skilled workforce work to the highest standards.

Designing and making quality clothes for the whole family is central to our mission. We produce affordable apparel for men, women and children for every occasion.

As well as delivering excellence for the families of today, we believe in leaving a better world for our children. Diamantine strives to minimise our environmental impact by producing all our collections from one single site using sustainably sourced local cotton.

The number one brand for Moroccan-inspired fashion and a global leader in production excellence, Diamantine combines exquisite Moroccan fabrics and traditional styles with sustainable production and contemporary design.


We believe that designing and making Moroccan-inspired clothes is a worthy and important skill that should be preserved. Traditional styles that embody the heritage of a community are precious, but modern functional clothing is also vital to the way we live today.

As a company, we work to balance the need for everyday functional clothing with the need to preserve the iconic Moroccan-inspired way of dressing. Our designs always combine contemporary function and material innovations with a touch of the Moroccan aesthetic that makes our clothing unique.

We never compromise on function or style. Today and every day, Diamantine delivers clothing with heart and purpose.

Our values


We believe that openness, transparency and trust are essential in the modern fashion industry. That as a family-run company we need to leave a better, cleaner planet to our children. That’s why we are striving to become a more sustainable manufacturer.

The fashion industry is the second largest global polluter after the oil and gas industry. Much of this negative impact comes from brands that use a multinational supply chain to complete manufacturing. In some cases, raw cotton is grown in one part of the world and travels thousands of miles, from country to country before a final garment is ready to be sold as a final garment.

At Diamantine we believe that there is another way. We have invested heavily in building an end-to-end production so we can complete all the required production steps in Morocco. From weaving to embellishments and packaging, our production journey uses a fraction of the carbon footprint of other brands. While our efforts are not yet carbon neutral, you can trust that we are working hard every day to be better.


By maintaining domestic production we can also help local Moroccan workers find safe and secure work. But we must also have to strive for excellence in working conditions, workplace safety, pay, equality and opportunities. Diamantine relies on the expertise, skill and hard work of hundreds of employees and in turn, they deserve a company that respects and delivers for them.

Our workforce is our most important resource and since the founding of Diamantine in 2003, we have always sought to deliver the best packages for every worker. This includes a fair wage for their time, skill and experience, a safe and professional workplace and every opportunity to learn, develop and grow.

Making clothing in the 21st Century fashion relies on a combination of complex machinery, industrial processes and refined hand craftsmanship. Our diversely skilled and talented workforce is the very best in Morocco and every one of them deserves respect.


Tasked with production for the biggest names in fashion we understand that only the best will do for their clients. And likewise, only the best will do for us.

At Diamantine, we pride ourselves on innovation, fresh design, a healthy respect for tradition and extreme attention to detail. Whether our skilled workers are making their first Djellaba or their 100th, we believe in the highest quality every time.

Throughout our production process, dedicated experts examine every single garment to ensure the highest standards are met. From precision hems and smooth plackets to flawless sfifas and durable zip closures, no detail is too small.

For us, clothing should always be well-made and stand the test of time. It is a commitment to excellence we all share.

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