Trendy Modest Clothing: Conservative Clothing for The Modest Woman

Modest fashion has evolved. Where there used to be a very distinct separation between modest clothing and mainstream fashion, times have changed and the lines have begun to blur. In a good way.

Now, style doesn’t mean revealing skin-on-show fashion and instead, a chic, sophisticated and generally more modest look is more sought-after. Modern and trendy modest clothing means more conservative and covered fashion pieces with a slice of the hottest trends and colour palettes to match.


What is considered modest clothing?

Modest clothing is generally considered pieces of clothing that allow you to be more covered.

While plenty of women around the world choose to dress in a more modestly because of their culture, background and religion, this is no longer the only reason. The surge in a more modest fashion industry has trickled down from designers, such as Victoria Beckham, who have stormed the runways for the last couple of years showcasing higher necklines, longer sleeves and extended hemlines. Looks that you can now find popping up in the mainstream fashion high street and making fashionable modest clothing instantly more accessible.


How can I dress more modestly?

Creating a more modest look could come down to something as simple as opting for clothing with higher necklines and longer skirt hemlines. Becoming more covered can also be achieved through the art of layering – a styling technique used to create a more covered look by adding pieces under and over your favourite fashion items. From adding a roll neck knit or long sleeve tee under your go-to slip dress, you can transform even the simplest dress or top. Even if you like to wear crop tops and high-waist skirts or jeans, adding a simple duster jacket or lightweight kimono over the top keeps your look modest.

Long black lightweight chiffon kaftan duster jacket


Modesty is discussed by modest fashion influencers and bloggers regularly and one thing in common that they all talk about is that modesty isn’t simply a way of dressing - to a set of rules. Modesty is about attitude, morals and the way we treat one another. Creating an overall more humble and respectful way of life.  


Modern modest beachwear and kimonos


Trendy modest fashion isn’t all about full-length maxi dresses and long sleeves. You can easily incorporate modesty into even your beachwear by adding stunning cover-ups and even lightweight trousers to your holiday wardrobe.

Lightweight chiffon long beach dress kaftanLightweight chiffon kaftan beach dress cover upLightweight hot pink wrap beach trousers


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Our range of fashionable modest clothing

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Long lightweight chiffon print maxi dress kaftanLong sleeve maxi lebssa dress in raspberryNavy blue velour Moroccan style jacket

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