Modest Wardrobe Staples for Every Season

Modest Fashion That Will Always Be in Style


Dressing modestly means such a different thing to every woman. For some, modesty needs to be head to toe, with maximum coverage and super relaxed fit clothing. For others, the style rules are a little looser. While every version of modest is super chic to us, it’s an individual choice when it comes to finding your perfect modest wardrobe pieces.


At Diamantine, we like to look for wardrobe staples. By this, we mean the fashion pieces that we’ll be wearing time and time again, styling in new and unique ways for seasons to come. These pieces are not trend-led but rather, never go out of style. Making them our best fashion investments over the years.


Today, we’re taking a look through the latest womenswear collection at Diamantine and picking out some of our fave modest wardrobe staples for every season. Let us know if you’d be wearing these pieces season after season in the comments below!


The Flowing Kaftan


A kaftan is considered a wardrobe staple for us because they’re much more versatile than you might think. Choose a modest cut with a relaxed fit and you’ll be styling it for every season. Dress it casually with trainers or flat sandals or turn it up with strappy heels, a clutch and ALL the jewellery.

black kaftan 

The Longline jacket


A longline jacket is always a style staple for us. To make sure it’s ideal for all seasons, opt for a loose, lightweight fabric. That way, you can style it for summer easily and use it as part of a layered look come the colder months.


A longline jacket, like a duster jacket, can then be styled with anything from jeans to a maxi dress, making it a true wardrobe staple.

black duster jacket

The Top That Goes with Everything


When you’re looking for a modest top that will style up with everything in your wardrobe, stick to neutral tones or classic black or white. A true staple, choose a loose-fit and a longline cut, meaning you can wear it with anything from high-waist trousers or a skirt, tucked in, to jeans or leggings worn loose.

white longline loose fit top

The Perfect Tailored Trouser


If there’s one pair of trousers you need in your wardrobe every season, it’s a well-tailored pair. You can wear these any time of year and for a huge variety of occasions. Just style them up in a different way and transform your look.


It’s all about fit when finding a modest tailored trouser. Opt for mid or high waisted cuts and straight or wide legs. Styled with anything from trainers to sharp heels, they’ll always have your back.

women's tailored trousers

The Most Versatile Accessory


Our most versatile accessory of all time? Yes, we’re referring to a classic silk satin scarf. You may have seen that silk scarves are back in style this season as a major trend. But ask yourself, did they ever go anywhere? We think not.


A classic silk scarf is the perfect versatile staple accessory that will always be in style. Why so versatile? Because of all the ways you can style it! Wear it round your hair or shoulders. But also wear it as a belt, round the handle of your bag, wrapped around your ponytail or tied snug around the wrist as a statement bracelet. There is so much you can do with a silk scarf and season after season, it’s the perfect way to brighten up a simple look.

women's silk satin scarf



Fill your wardrobe with modest wardrobe staples this season and you’ll have a chic and stylish collection that never goes out of style. All with a little help from Diamantine and the latest womenswear collections.