Men’s Thobes 101

Our Guide to Men’s Thobes & Robes


A classic and traditional Moroccan garment for men are thobes. And it’s one of our favourite men’s fashion pieces because they are super versatile and eternally stylish – no matter what the event or occasion.


Here, we’re taking a closer look at the thobe, the different styles of thobes and how to measure yourself up to make sure you choose the perfect size when shopping men’s thobes.

 men's Thobes

What Is a Men’s Thobe?


Firstly, let’s cover the basics. Men’s thobes – what are they?


The word thobe comes from the Arabic word for garment. It’s a traditional piece of clothing for men and boys, popular for decades in Moroccan as well as the Middle East.


Thobes tend to have a loose, relaxed fit and are crafted in a traditional, lightweight Moroccan fabric. They come in different lengths and both short and long sleeved. Sometimes with hoods and usually, without – cut collarlessly with a V neck shaped neckline.


Men’s thobes are traditionally finished with some sort of embroidery or embellishment, usually around the neckline and often around the cuffs and hemline.


Diamantine Men’s Thobes


At Diamantine, we design a range of men’s thobes for different occasions and styles. We love to incorporate traditional and classic design when we’re styling our thobes but we’re super aware of making each piece work for the modern stylish man.


Our thobes can be dressed up or worn casually which makes them some of our most versatile Moroccan-inspired pieces for men.


In the Diamantine collection, discover a selection of short and long-sleeve full-length classic thobes for men.


While you’ll always find simple fabrics in the collection that pair with any accessories, we’ve also added in lots of new fabrics this season to add some colour and print to the range. From our striped black and gold thobe to our classic and super stylish red Latif thobe, the collection is fuller than ever.



Thobe Co-Ords


Looking for something a little more casual? Have you heard of our thobe co-ords? These are thobe-inspired two-piece sets for men with a top and pants. Casual but Moroccan-inspired and super stylish.


This modern take on the thobe is also called jabadors. Shop them at Diamantine today under our Thobe Co-ords collection.

 men's thobe co-ord

How to Measure Up for a Thobe


Not sure which size you’d be when shopping for the perfect thobe? Head over to our blog where we’ve covered measuring yourself for your thobe size in more detail.



Don’t Forget Thobes for Boys Too


Last but not least, don’t forget that at Diamantine, we also have thobes for the little ones too! So, if you want to match your little boy with dad, take a look through our boy’s collection for little boy’s thobes with just the same cuts and designs.



Shop the Diamantine collection of men’s thobes today to discover the summer essential for every event and occasion.