Measuring Yourself for Your Thobe Size

Whether you call it a jubba or a thobe, a classic piece of men’s clothing like this needs the perfect fit. Looking instantly more expensive and bespoke, a tailored fit that works for your body type makes any coloured thobe look extra special.

Thobes are ankle-length traditional Arabic garments with full-length sleeves and often crafted in lightweight but luxurious fabrics. Depending on your unique jubba, they can be worn for anything from a casual family party to a more formal event. Getting the measurements right is key to achieving the best fit. So, here, we take a look at exactly how to measure yourself for your thobe size to ensure you always order the right fit for you.

Measuring the neck

The first place to measure yourself for your new thobe is the neck. Take a fabric or flexible tape measure and encircle it around your neck, leaving approximately two fingers of wiggle room between the tape measure and the skin of your neck.


You want to make sure the neck of your thobe is fitted but to avoid the discomfort of anything too tight around your throat.

Then the shoulders…

When you’ve measured the neck, move on to measuring the shoulders. Here, arms should be relaxed and left to fall down the sides of your body naturally. Begin measuring at the point where your shoulders drop off into your arm on your left side. Take the tape measure across your shoulders, under the nape of your neck, and finish at the same point at the drop of your right shoulder.


Arm length and width

Next, it’s important to ensure you get your arm measurements right so move on to this following your shoulders. To measure the length of your arm, take your tape measure to the same drop off point at your shoulder and measure downwards to the thumb joint. Follow the natural curve of the arm but make sure your arm is relaxed and hanging vertically downwards.


To measure the width of your arm, take your tape measure around the widest part of your bicep when your arm is relaxed. You’ll also need a wrist measurement, so measure in the same way around the narrowest part of your wrist.


Don’t assume that both of your arms are the same. Measure both arms and refer to the longest measurements to ensure that when your thobe arrives, the arms are not too short or tight.


Finish up with the chest and stomach

Finally, you’ll need to measure your chest and stomach to ensure that the thobe falls in just the right way and gives you enough room to be comfortable when wearing your new thobe all day long. Take your tape measure around the widest part of your chest and measure around your pectoral muscles. You’ll also need a stomach measurement so relaxed your stance and measure around the widest section of your stomach.


Time to choose your jubba

Once you’ve taken these measurements, you’ll find it’s much easier to choose the perfect size thobe to suit. At Diamantine UK, you can shop a wide range of men’s thobes crafted in Moroccan fabrics, both hooded and non-hooded, and available in a huge range of styles from casual to formal, perfect for any occasion.

Author: Kate Russel