Why Moroccan Men Love Gandouras

5 Reasons Our Customers LOVE our Men’s Gandouras.

Our men’s Gandouras are some of our most popular pieces at Diamantine. Why? Well, if you’ve yet to style up a gandoura, you might be wondering – what’s so good about them? And why do men love them so much? Here – we delve into just why that is.


They’re SO Comfortable


First and foremost, we have to state the obvious. Men’s gandouras are SO comfortable. Cut with a flowing, loose fit, gandouras are crafted with high temperatures in mind. This means they’re effortlessly comfortable to wear at all times.


They are Lightweight – Perfect for All Seasons


Not just comfortable and loose-fitting, gandouras are beautifully lightweight. The fabric we carefully source and select for our gandouras makes sure that although they feel and look super expensive and luxe, they’re still incredibly lightweight and easy to wear.


Whether you opt for full-length or something cropped, this lightweight feel is at the heart of every design.


They’re Super Versatile

Thought a men’s gandoura was designed for only formal wear? Think again.

As this look continues to grow in popularity, we’ve created more and more styles perfect for every day. Not just a formal event.

Lighter colours work perfectly for less dressy events and occasions while simply switching up your accessories also does the trick. Swop your leather shoes for white trainers and you’ve instantly made a classic gandoura work for every day.


They’re Easy to Layer


Not only are gandouras versatile in styling for both casual and formal wear, but they’re also versatile in their ability to layer. This might be lightweight linen trousers or a more robust pair of jeans. Either way, layer up and you’ve created another new look, perfect for all seasons.


The Options are Endless


At Diamantine, we love a diverse colour and style selection. And we would never want to leave the men out. So, when you discover the Diamantine men’s gandoura collection, one of the first things you’ll notice is the wide range of colours and style details.


One gandoura is never the same as the next.


From classic black gandouras to everyday grey, finding a simple, modern and wearable men’s gandoura is easy. But we’ve also added some key trend hues to the collection for those who love to live in a colour.


Think bold and on-trend royal blue as your colour of choice or opt for this season’s green for a new take on Moroccan menswear.


And it’s not just about colour.


We’re all about options when it comes to style details too. Choose between long and short sleeve men’s gandouras and opt for simple and classic or go for full tradition with layers of metallic embroidery. The choice is yours.



Shop a huge range of men’s gandouras with Diamantine. From casual everyday thobes to formal gandouras for a dressier event, discover the collection and find out why men love gandouras so much with one of your own.