Must-Have Stylish Eid Outfits

What to wear for Eid? - With Diamantine

Eid-al-Adha will be celebrated on the 31st of July this year. Whether you’re having a big family gathering or keeping it local with your nearest and dearest, you’ll need the perfect stylish Eid outfits for the occasion.

But what to wear?

If you’re looking for inspiration, just head to Diamantine. Packed with flowing kaftans, classic gandouras and stylish separates, the latest Diamantine collection has you covered for Eid this July.


Kaftans are always a great choice. Especially through the summer. Dress them up or get versatile wear out of them by also styling them with simple flat sandals and a more casual bag.

For Eid, add some glamour with super chic makeup and pair yours up with a coordinating headscarf for head to toe Diamantine vibes.



Opt for All White

This summer, white summer dresses are a huge trend. So, why not combine this trend with your traditional Eid look? Opt for head to toe white with feminine details that make your look stylish and expensive.

Try a layered lace look perfect for the summer or opt for a more relaxed hooded djellaba that can be paired with anything from heels to sneakers.




Jump to It

Looking for the perfect dress alternative for Eid? Jumpsuits can be a chic, stylish and modest way to do a dressed-up look for Eid without opting for a classic dress or kaftan. And the Diamantine collection is packed with options perfect for the occasion.

With adjustable and ultra-flattering waistlines as well as a range of sleeve lengths and necklines, discover your dream jumpsuit.




Casual It Is

If you and your family have decided to keep the celebrations small and casual this Eid, you might be looking for something a little more laidback for a stylish Eid outfit.

If you’re into a ‘jeans and nice top’ look, browse the collection of chic and modest tops in the Diamantine summer range. From on-trend, brightly coloured tees to dressier prints and detailing, your Eid look is ready and waiting.





Let’s not forget the men

And it’s not all about the ladies. The gents will want to dress up for Eid as well. And the Diamantine menswear line has you covered.

Go for tradition and style in equal measure with a classic embroidered men’s thobe. The perfect solution for gatherings and parties. Or, choose something with added colour and go for a layerable hooded men’s djellaba.




Finally, the kids

Once you’ve got the heads of the family sorted with stylish Eid outfits, you’ll need to think about the kids. But don’t worry, we’ve made it easy for you.

Opt for a bright and beautiful hooded kaftan dress for little girls or a classic boy’s thobe that matches dads. The Diamantine kids’ collection is packed with ideas that your little ones will love.



Dress the whole family for Eid this year with Diamantine. From casual to dressy, this summer’s collection is packed with kaftans, thobes and gandouras for every occasion.