International Happiness Day: Pop of Colour

Make Yourself or Someone Else Happy This March


If you haven’t heard of it already, International Happiness Day falls on the 20th of March this year. And at Diamantine, we think – if there’s any year to acknowledge this day, 2021 is the one!


We’ve all had a year with some extra struggles. To put it mildly. So, we believe that it’s extra important to focus on happiness right now and if there are any small things we can do to make ourselves or others a little happier, why not do them!


Our favourite way to boost our mood in the morning? With colour!


Dressing in colour can completely change your mood and the way you feel for the rest of the day. And certain colours have some pretty mood-boosting connotations. So, today we thought we’d take a little look into that more closely!


Plus, this day is the perfect day to make someone else happy! So, why not send a little gift to someone for no reason at all and make their day?


Let’s take a look at what some of the most positive colours could mean for your mood.



 yellow jumpsuit

The colour of joy and happiness, yellow is a great choice for International Happiness Day. It also connotes optimism and hope, so basically all the positive vibes in one super chic and on-trend palette. Perfect in our glorious jumpsuit!



 red silk head scarf

We all know red stands for passion and love but it also means power and strength and when it comes to dressing, we’re so into this whether you opt for a head to toe look or just a pop of an accessory!  



blue djellaba kaftan dress 

Blue is a big colour for spring and summer this year so we were already feeling it, here at Diamantine. But the fact that it also has the meanings of harmony and tranquillity makes us like it even more. And did you know that blue symbolises confidence? So, why not empower yourself with a little extra confidence this Happiness Day.




purple silk head scarf 

Purple connotes spirituality and enlightenment. So, if that’s your vibe, then this is the colour for you this International Happiness Day.




orange kaftan dress 

While orange symbolises attention-grabbing (and there’s nothing wrong with that when it comes to choosing fashion!), it also stands for energy and balance. Plus, it’s the chic pop of brightness we’re obsessed with for this summer and we LOVE this orange layered look.  




 brown jumpsuit

Want something a little subtler to boost your mood? Try on-trend brown, which symbolises stability and reliability. Perfect if you’re feeling a little off-kilter this year.



 green duster jacket

Green is pretty famous for symbolising luck. And who doesn’t want a little extra luck in their life? But it also stands for renewal of energy and harmony. Both of which are mood-boosting qualities we like the sound of this year.




Feel like your mood could be boosted by injecting some colour into your wardrobe this March? Get creative and go for it! Or why not celebrate the date with a gift for someone else for no reason? Our favourite gifts have just got to be our silk satin headscarves. Try gifting someone with some luck in bright green or an on-trend animal print.

green silk satin head scarfgreen leopard satin head scarf