How to Find Beachwear That’s Right for You

Finding the perfect beachwear hasn’t been at the top of our agendas so far in 2020. But as we look to move forward and hope for our holidays abroad, it will be.

Beachwear can be tricky. Especially if you love modest beachwear and swimwear that covers a little more than your average two-piece bikini.

So, where to start?

At Diamantine, we appreciate colour, statement style, contemporary modesty and most importantly, diversity. Which means, we’ve got a little something for everyone.

If you’re on the hunt for statement beachwear kaftans, beach dresses or classic sarongs, we’ve got you covered.

How to Find the Perfect Beachwear

If you feel slightly lost when it comes to choosing beachwear, take a look at our top tips for finding the looks that are right for you.

How Modest Do You Like to Go?

The first thing to think about when finding your ideal beachwear is how much coverage do you prefer?

Some like full coverage on and off the beach so prefer to stick to maxi dresses and kaftans, whereas others are happy to show a little more skin.

Finding beachwear that’s right for you means finding the perfect amount of coverage.

If just a touch of coverage is your beachwear vibe, our Ines High Slit beach dress is the perfect choice to layer with swimwear. Just add flip flops or sandals.

For something equally beach-ready but with a little less sheerness and a little more cover, try the beautiful Feliz kaftan dress instead.

How Will You Be Styling Your Beachwear?

Another thing to think about when it comes to finding your perfect beachwear look is your general style.

Do like to style your beachwear with ultra-glam heels or wedges? Or do you keep it more about comfort in your favourite flat sandals? Are you a big fan of beach accessories? Or do you prefer simplicity above all else?


If you love glamour but like to keep your styling simple, opt for our Kellycia kaftan. In a stunning statement print, this look does beach glam instantly but allows you to keep the rest of your styling simple. It also gives you full coverage over swimwear and means it’s super versatile to wear at night too.


Alternatively, if you’re a big fan of beach accessories and love to add a huge sunhat, wedges and beach bag, maybe something a little simpler would be perfect for you? The Isalie Kaftan is the perfect balance of simple and contemporary. Perfect to wear over swimwear.

It’s All About Colour

While we know everyone loves something a little different to wear on the beach, we also know that everyone loves colour.

From on-trend pastel peaches and yellows to bright and bold statement neon and prints, choosing the perfect colour is one way to find beachwear that’s right for you.


Make sure you feel comfortable, stylish and effortlessly chic on the beach this year (or next!) with the Diamantine range of stunning Moroccan beachwear.