Finding Moroccan Kaftan Dresses Online

At Diamantine, Moroccan kaftan dresses are a huge part of our collections. Traditional and yet a centrepiece in contemporary culture, our kaftans represent Morocco and showcase our desire to bring a touch of Moroccan fashion to the UK.


Designed for so many styles, events, occasions and body shapes, our kaftans are diverse and versatile. They can be styled casually with slip-ons and trainers or they can be dressed up for the most fabulous events with heels and statement jewellery.


Style yours loose or add a waist belt to create curves. Add coordinating or bold jewellery and accessories. Create authentically Moroccan makeup looks to complete your look.


However you’re wearing a Moroccan kaftan dress, it’s all about creating a look that exudes your personal style. With a taste of Morocco thrown in too.


What are Moroccan Kaftan Dresses?


Some of the best Moroccan dresses online today are authentic and beautifully crafted. But where did Moroccan kaftan dresses begin? And why have they remained so popular in modern culture?


The kaftan is Morocco’s most traditional and authentic dress. It has a history that dates back as far as the 16th century. Traditionally a long-sleeved robe with embroidery or embellishments, modern kaftans also come sleeveless with scooped necklines and a variety of different finishes.


Why are they so popular? Mainly because of their versatility. Flattering on all shapes and sizes, Moroccan kaftan dresses are feminine with just the right touch of modesty. The ability to style your choice in so many ways makes it a must-have piece in any stylish woman’s collection.


Where Can I Buy Moroccan Kaftan Dresses Online in the UK?


Buying Moroccan dresses online can be tricky if you don’t know where to look. The main reason is that many online retailers are selling similar-styled products without the quality.


That’s one of the reasons why, we at Diamantine, wanted to bring our Moroccan kaftan dresses to the UK market.


Guaranteed for quality, authenticity and contemporary design balanced with tradition, the Diamantine Moroccan kaftan dresses tick all boxes.


Types of Moroccan Dresses Online

With a style for every event and occasion, let’s go through some of the different types of Moroccan dresses online at Diamantine.


Long Sleeve Moroccan Kaftans


Long sleeve kaftans are the most traditional style to choose with the most cover. Elegant and modest, a long sleeve Moroccan kaftan is the perfect choice for anything from an event to a stylish afternoon out with the family.




Sleeveless Moroccan Kaftan

A sleeveless kaftan is a perfect choice for a less formal event or a summer occasion. Light, elegant and on-trend, a sleeveless kaftan makes the ideal summer party dress.

Hooded Kaftan Dress


Also known as a djellaba, a hooded kaftan dress is another ultimately popular style for a Moroccan look with a modern twist. This layered look usually comes with a slip and an overdress which gives you two looks in one.



When choosing your very own Moroccan kaftan dress, consider how you’ll wear it the most. Are you looking for an everyday kaftan dress? Or a special occasion kaftan for a specific event? Most kaftans are cut with a loose, modest fit so choose true to size and add waist belts to pull your shape in if you prefer a more sculpted look.


Browse the latest Diamantine women’s Moroccan kaftan dresses for your perfect pick.