Add A Moroccan Touch to Your Business Outfits for Men & Women


Business Outfits with a Moroccan Twist

Love a touch of authentic Moroccan styling but need to dress for business at work? No problem. Why not incorporate some key Moroccan style details to your business outfits and perfectly balance style and professionalism to perfection?

This week, we’ve got 20% off tops for women and shirts for men at Diamantine. The perfect way to add a Moroccan edge to your workwear.

Top Tips for Moroccan Style at Work

We love to add Moroccan twists to all our looks, not just our formal or summer outfits. So, these are our favourite ways to keep your look smart and professional for the office but add in a touch of Moroccan edge.

Do It with Moroccan Embroidery

A huge part of Moroccan styling is the beautiful authentic Moroccan embroidery that you see featured on so many pieces. From beautiful formal wear to a casual tee, it’s all about the embroidery. 

Great for both men and women, we have a huge range of embroidered pieces that are perfect to nail this look. From our men’s Sami shirt to this loose-fit Sabah top for women, bring a touch of Moroccan embroidery into your business attire.

Choose Lightweight Fabrics

When creating a Moroccan look, it’s often about dressing for warmer weather. Alongside this, we’re creating modest and comfortable pieces for all occasions. So, this very often means using flowing and lightweight fabrics. 

A top like our Selena sleeveless tunic is a great choice when it comes to opting for lightweight fabrics for work. Flowing and loose-fitting, it’s easy to dress up or wear casually at the weekend. The perfect versatile piece for a busy wardrobe. 

Opt for Moroccan Necklines

Instead of a traditional button-down and classic collar shirt for the office, why not opt for a Moroccan-inspired alternative. Choose a neckline that adds an edge to your look and takes your workwear style up a notch. A collarless or stand-up collar shirt can do the trick. 

Our embroidered Radi men’s shirt is the perfect example of how to change up your neckline in a stylish but professional way. If your office is formal, wear it with simple tailored pants or if your workplace is more casual, try it with smart jeans.  

Moroccan Longline Silhouettes

Longline tops and shirts are a classic and modest way to create a Moroccan-inspired look, perfect for the office. Whether your job involves running around the city or presenting in a boardroom, a longline silhouette is a modest, glamorous and feminine way to inject some Moroccan style into your wardrobe. 

Try our stunning Chourouk longline tunic top. Crafted in lightweight fabric for ultimate all-day comfort, it styles beautifully with anything from skinny jeans to tailored trousers.

Don’t save your modest and effortlessly chic Moroccan style for the weekend. Now, you can dress for the office but maintain your super stylish Moroccan vibe with our top tips. Whether you like lightweight and flowing or authentic embroidery, there are so many ways to inject a touch of Moroccan styling into your workwear rotation. 

And don’t forget – this week, we’re offering 20% off tops for women and shirts for men! So, snap up a bargain and update your workwear wardrobe, Diamantine-style.