6 New Year Style Resolutions

The Style Resolutions We’re Making For 2021


It’s about this time of year that people start talking about their New Year resolutions. Some will talk about starting a new exercise regime and some will be focusing on spending more quality time with their family. While both of these and so many more resolutions are super positive, at Diamantine, we thought we’d take a fashion stance this year. We’re thinking about our style resolutions. Just for fun.

 new year style resolutions

If you fancy a change up in style for 2021, these ideas should get you well and truly inspired.


Create a Capsule Collection


New year often means, out with the old and in with the new. Well, what about your wardrobe? If you often find that you have so many clothes but nothing to wear, a capsule collection wardrobe could be your answer.


Start with a big clear out and rid yourself of anything you haven’t worn for the last 12 months. Then start piecing together a small collection of classic and staple items. With just a couple of statement pieces.


The less you have to choose from, the less overwhelmed you’ll feel.


Factor in Cost Per Wear – And Treat Yourself!


We love good quality. Although a bargain can sometimes be hard to resist, is it ever really worth it? It usually gets worn once and chucked or left at the back of your wardrobe to collect dust.


Instead, think about cost per wear. A dress for £30? Great. Wear it once. Cost per wear, £30. A dress for £130? Wear it every week for 6 months? That’s approx. 24 wears. Which gives it a cost per wear of £5.41. Bargain.


Invest in Statement Accessories


Statement accessories, like belts or silk scarves can totally transform an outfit. Plus, they can be reworn and restyled in many different ways making them much more versatile than say, a statement dress.


Invest here and style them with staple and classic pieces for ultimate style longevity.


ReStyle What You Have


Have a good look through what you already own. We bet you could restyle that super chic dress from years ago as a whole new look now. Start trying on older things with newer pieces and you’ll inspire yourself!


Stop Playing It Safe


Playing it safe is a bore when it comes to clothes. Why not show off your true style – whatever that may be – and start opting for a few pieces of clothes that really bring you joy this year.


Shop Using The 80/20 Rule


A clever style rule to stick by this year? The 80/20 rule. That means shopping 80% for classic and staple fashion pieces that you’ll wear time and time again. And 20% for statement and trend pieces that pull a look together but won’t be as versatile as the rest of your wardrobe.


This is a great way to shop a little more sustainably and consciously while still making sure your style is on point!



Will you be making any changes to your style or wardrobe for the year ahead? Comfy clothes only? That’s ok. Dressing your best for the kitchen? That’s ok too! We’d love to hear what you have planned!


And if you fancy a treat this Jan, don’t miss the New-In collection from Diamantine as well as our Sale which still has plenty of amazing discounts – now on!


Happy New Year from everyone here at the Diamantine team!


See you in 2021!