5 Ways to Wear Black in Warmer Weather

Black Is Chic in Every Season


We have to admit, we love colour. BUT – there’s just something about black. No matter what the season or what the weather, black always looks so chic, stylish and timeless. And when you’re investing in clothes that you want to last season after season, black is never a bad choice.


But sometimes, it can feel a bit strange to style black during the spring and summer when the weather is warmer. It just feels like a winter colour to many.


So, we thought we’d put together a little blog to help change your mind. And show you some of our favourite ways to wear black in warmer weather.


Choose Lightweight Fabric

 lightweight black kaftan


The first thing to remember when styling black in warmer weather is to choose lightweight fabrics. Chic and stylish but not too hot, a loose-fit and flowing lightweight jacket or kaftan dress is the perfect choice. In any weather.


Super versatile, black kaftans can be styled with flat sandals for the day with a quick and easy switch to heels for instant night out vibes.


Break It Up with Print


A great way to make your black work for the summer? Break up the solid black pieces with some print. Instant transformation.

black jumpsuit and duster jacket


Try a printed duster jacket over a simple black look like this and you’ll see what we mean. Perfect in every season and so chic for a special occasion this summer.

black print jumpsuit


Or, try a jumpsuit that includes both blocks of black and some print for an all-in-one look that works any time of year.



Pair It with Blue Denim


Styling your black tops and even dresses with black jeans, leggings or leather trousers certainly feels very winter. But switch it up and try them with blue denim and it lightens up the whole look, perfect for spring.

long black top


This look not only dresses up the blue denim, but it makes your black feel more casual, giving you the perfect smart/casual look to take you from day to night.



Add a Pop of Colour


Sounds simple but sometimes, simple is all you need. Try adding a pop of bright colour to a complete black look and see how it transforms.

black kaftan dress 

A patterned or coloured silk headscarf is the perfect accessory to add some colour to an all-black kaftan look.


Layer for Summer


Thought layering was only for the colder months? Layer for summer using a range of lightweight fabrics for a luxe look that feels high-end.

long black tunic top


Try a lightweight longline top paired with black trousers or leggings for a chic look that feels slightly more spring.



Don’t pack away your black yet! Try out a few of our styling tips and see if you can wear some of your fave black pieces this summer too. And if you need a chic black wardrobe update, the latest Diamantine women’s collection has you covered.