5 Ways to Style a Silk Head Scarf

The Most Versatile Accessory of The Season


One of our favourite must-have accessories this season? It’s definitely and absolutely the silk satin scarf. This super versatile accessory is becoming a staple with every outfit and the reason? You can wear and style it in SO MANY ways.


Traditionally, our silk scarves for women have been styled over the hair as a headscarf. And that’s one way to wear them and look INCREDIBLE. We love a beautiful silk headscarf.

But – that’s certainly not the only way to wear one. So, if you don’t always cover your hair, you can get in on this fall/winter accessories trend in your own way too.

Why not try one of these 5 ways to style your gorgeous silk scarf.

Wrap into A Turban

If you want to wear your silk scarf over your hair but in a different way to a simple wrap-around, why not create your own unique turban?

The simplest way to do this is to fold your scarf in half and create a triangle. Put it over the hair with the point over your face and the straight line at the back of the head. Next, tie the two sides at the front, at the top of your forehead. You’ll be left with the final point hanging in front of your face. Lastly, simply knot all three sides and tuck away the end under the edges of the turban. The perfect balance of chic and modest.

Wear Around the Neck

Keep it simple but style-effective and wear yours draped chicly over and around the shoulders. Whether you do this over a maxi dress or over a winter coat, it’s the perfect way to add colour, print and just enough cover.


Create a Cape

One of our favourite ways to style up a silk scarf – especially through the autumn and winter – is to create a cape. It’s a lightweight effect so still totally suitable to wear indoors but it offers some extra shoulder coverage and a whole new look over any dress or outfit.

You need to choose the largest size available when creating this look. Then simply fold the scarf in half to create a giant triangle shape and throw over the shoulders. Next, take a waist belt and style it over the top of the scarf, nipping it in at the waist. You can then arrange how the scarf sits to suit your look.

You can also create this kind of look by wrapping the scarf with a crossover at the front and adding a belt.


DIY Unique Belt

Ever thought about wearing a scarf as a belt? It’s the super versatile and adjustable way to add some brightness and print to a simple outfit, plus, you know it’s always going to fit!

Whether you’re threading it through the belt loops of your favourite jeans or trousers or just adding it to the waist over a midi or maxi dress, try this look to add some shape and colour to any outfit this season.


Add Detail to Your Bag

A completely different way to style your silk scarf is to wrap and wear it around one of your favourite handbags. This adds a pop of colour or print to your bag and reinvents it for the new season – perfect!

Go Hermes-style and tightly wrap the scarf around the handle of a structured tote or simply tie one end to the handle and allow it to drape around the leather for a more statement finish.

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