4 Modest Fashion Choices for Ultimate Style

4 Tips to Dress Modestly in Style


Dressing modestly means so much more than just covering up. Now, to dress modestly is contemporary and chic. As well as leaning into more traditional styles when it comes to Moroccan clothing, the Middle East and more.


And dressing modestly doesn’t mean loose-fit and long only. So, as we edge into the festive season (although we might not quite know how we’ll be spending it yet!), we’re taking a look at our top 4 tips for dressing modestly but with ultimate style points.


The Versatile Turtleneck

 Turtleneck modest style


Turtlenecks are a classic. But they’re also underrated. Add a couple of super lightweight turtlenecks to your collection and discover how you can style them with trousers and skirts but also layer them with a plethora of different style dresses.


This shape adds to the neckline of an already modest maxi dress or lets you create a modest look from any less modest dress or top through learning how to effectively layer looks.


Belt It Up

 statement waist belt


Modest doesn’t have to mean ‘baggy’. You can still create a feminine shape while maintaining ultimate modesty. Use statement waist belts to modestly and chicly create a little more shape by cinching your waist.


Wear belts over maxi dresses or kaftans or even add them as an extra detail to a skirt and top combination.


Pair Straight Jeans & Duster Jackets

 Modest Duster jacket


Looking for a super chic combination that exudes modest style but looks overtly modern? Try this. Pair your straight-leg, high waist jeans with a beautifully stylish longline duster jacket. This style of jacket does not need to be saved for more dressy events.


This versatile pairing is easy to dress up and down and both pieces can be styled with plenty of other items in your wardrobe making them both closet staples.


Dress Up


Modest occasion wear 


Sometimes keeping modest wear casual can leave you feeling less inspired. And what better reason do we need to treat ourselves to something special and really dress up?


If you’re feeling a little flat when it comes to your wardrobe, why not spice things up with something a little dressier? Why do we need to save our best for an event!? We should feel and look our best at all times. Discover the diamantine collection of Occasion Wear for our best inspiration – with plenty of pieces now on sale up to 60% off!



Think outside the box when it comes to modest dressing and you might just surprise yourself! At Diamantine, we’re huge fans of unique and statement style. Which is why you’ll find this season’s biggest prints and colours incorporated into our collections season after season.


So, if you love to dress a little more modestly, but don’t know where to start, think about our top 4 tips and take a browse around the Diamantine online showroom for extra inspiration on beautifully-made and cut modest dresses and clothing – with a Moroccan twist - that promise to instantly upgrade your wardrobe, this season.