How to Accessorise Effortlessly | Accessory Trends

True style is all about the details. And when it comes to creating the perfect look, accessories can take your style to the next level. At Diamantine, we love statement Moroccan fashion. And adding the perfect accessories is a major part of feeling and looking effortlessly stylish.

So today, we’re focusing on the accessories your wardrobe needs and how to style them in the chicest and most effortlessly on-trend way.

No Need to Match

Sick of trying to match your shoes to your handbag? You can stop!

This matchy-matchy look has started to become dated. Now, a contemporary and more effortless look means complimenting accessories, but not matching, works best.

Instead, choose only one statement accessory if you’re craving colour. Then, coordinate the other – either shoes or bag – with your look. If you’re sticking to neutrals or metallic, choose coordinating shades from the same colour palette instead of direct matches.

Don’t Underestimate a Silk Scarf

One of the most underestimated and yet, effortlessly chic accessories you should have in your wardrobe is a classic silk scarf.

Versatile and timeless, a silk scarf can be styled in a plethora of ways. Making it one of your most-worn accessory trends.

Wear yours traditionally over your hair or around the neck and shoulders. Alternatively, add to jeans or trousers as a chic belt option, perfect for summer. Adding a silk scarf to any style handbag works perfectly. Discover Hermes vibes by tying one around the top handles of a tote. Or, add to your summer rattan basket bag for the ultimate summer accessory look.

Layer Simple Jewellery

An effortless look for jewellery? Instead of opting for bold, statement pieces with lots of colour, stick to simple jewellery.

This season, when it comes to accessory trends, stacked and layered jewellery is infinitely more effortless than something OTT.

To get the look just right, opt for delicate necklaces and pendants of varying lengths and wear them layered. Choose stacking rings that work together and spread them across several of your fingers on one hand.

This creates an authentically bespoke look without distracting from your outfit.

Say No to Boring Belts

Often left as an afterthought, belts can transform your look instantly. An accessory that should be chosen carefully, it’s easy to get belts wrong and take away from your overall outfit. But too simple of a belt and it gets lost in the look.

This season’s accessory trends are all about textured belts – no need to focus on classic styles or leather.

Instead, opt for metallic fabric belts – our range of braided rope belts tick all the boxes.

Perfect with jeans, a belt style like this is also the ideal way to add shape to any kaftan, djellaba or gandoura. Add high on the waistline to pull your outfit in, keeping your look modest while creating more of a contemporary feminine shape.

Consider Your Nails the Final Accessory

Craving that effortlessly polished finished look?

Don’t forget how important neat nails are to complete any outfit. While perfectly manicured and varnished nails might not always be possible, simple natural nails still work when looked after.

Chipped nails distract and take away from your look so remember the details when it comes to your nail art.

Effortless style is all about choosing accessories that compliment your outfits and don’t take over. Style simple and classic accessories with statement kaftans and you’ll get the balance just right.


by Kate Russell